Many people have experienced several lifetimes of trauma and are facing the challenging task of overcoming those traumas now.  During times of trauma, aspects of the soul get fractured and fragmented and we end up leaving a piece of ourselves behind. We must call back all aspects of ourselves in order to heal and rise up in the ascension process. 

In this event we:

  • Discuss the different aspects of the soul
  • Discover new light working techniques
  • Look at timelines, your soul and the trauma you've experienced through your soul's transit in time and space
  • Journey in consciousness back to the perfect point in time to regain access to fractured or fragmented aspects of yourself
  • Recalibrate your timelines to reflect the newly integrated aspects of yourself 
  • Build the Pillar of Light shield to safely access different timelines

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Soul Fragment Recovery

Recover and Integrate Soul Fragments