Healing With Light Level 1

Light infusions are a quick way to activate the natural shield around a body and keep the aura free and clear of negativity. Running white light can help heal a plethora of things in your life. In this class you will learn how to:

• Anchor light into the planetary body 

• Increase the light quotient in your body, food, beverages, etc.

• Burn off stagnant energies

• Amplify any intentions 

• Boost the light quotient of the overall collective field

• Purify the energy of your home and physical objects that come into your life

•…. And MUCH MORE!

This course will contain prerecorded videos, written content, exercises for practice, guided meditations, and an additional live webinar to ask questions that may come up. 

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Lightworker Level 1

Flexible To Fit Your Schedule

Prerecorded classes make it easy and convenient for you to take this class in the comfort of your own home. The structure of this course also gives you plenty of time to practice the techniques so you can become a proficient lightworker no matter how hectic your schedule is.